Our Wellbeing Philosophy

Family workout

Wellbeing is one of the most important parts of our health routine, and yet one of the most commonly ignored as it's often underrated and easy to forget about it when life gets busy (and whose life isn't busy?!).

Rest & Recovery

This is so important we want to make sure you plan it into your life if it's missing! If our body isn't in 'fight or flight' mode, it's in 'rest and digest'. This is our recovery mode; the time when our body heals, our tissues regenerate, our hormone and digestive systems regulate, our thoughts and emotions get processed, and a whole lot more.

Consider what happens if you have a busy day, then you rush home to cook and eat a meal, then you rush to the gym and do an intense workout, rush back home and hopefully get a decent amount of sleep only to repeat it all again the next day. You can't physically see it, but all of this can send your nervous system on the fritz over time.

Plan for relaxation, do activities that help you de-stress, consider a form of slower physical activity such as yoga, take naps when you need them.

Fill your cup

Fostering happiness is something that doesn't always come naturally; sometimes we need to work hard for it. What's an activity you really enjoy? When was the last time you did it? Could you enjoy it completely or were you interrupted?

Sleep is king

Sleep underpins everything; and it's not just about the 7-8 hours that most of us should be getting, but also the quality of your sleep. How often do you wake up overnight? How easily do you fall asleep? Or fall back asleep after you've woken up in the middle of the night?

When we're tired we can have more difficulty making healthy food choices, we may crave carbs for fast energy, we may feel too tired to exercise.

Now we know there are a lot of people out there who can't sleep in the way you want (or know you need to), such as mamas to young children or shift workers. Try to take power naps when you can, try a Yoga Nidra meditation, and put your feet up when you get the chance. It may not feel quite as good as a full night of deep sleep, but it's better than nothing.

Let's get started!

Want some help putting this into action? Join our Online Squad and get access to more than 100 online workouts and slow flow yoga classes, planning tools, private group support, challenges to keep you motivated and more! If you would like some more focused attention, you might like join our next 8-week Find Your Balance Challenge intake (included in the Online Squad membership).

Get social

Head over to the GGG Women's Sustainable Health & FItness  Facebook group (or the Grace, Grit & Gratitude VIP group if you're already an Online Squad member) and get involved.

Whether it's just reading through some of the posts, asking questions, supporting others on their journey or finding some new inspiration, it's a great opportunity to get together with other ladies on a similar mission to yourself!