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GGG Member Spotlight: Hannah G.

member spotlight
hannah g

Hannah is a busy mum to two young girls, running a business from her home in Auckland. She's one of the founding members for Grace, Grit & Gratitude and you can often catch her on her social media stories doing our yoga classes!

In fact, she's been such a dedicated member you might even notice a workout named after her... We caught up with Hannah to talk about her experience with the Online Squad membership.

What made you decide to join GGG?

With a baby in the house now I can't get out to the Creative Action Squad sessions so I needed something I could do from home around the children.

Why is your health and fitness important to you?

So that I can be as physically and meantally healthy as I can for myself and my family.

What's your biggest challenge with your health, wellbeing and fitness?

Consistency. I'm a bit of an all or nothing kind of gal. Working through the GGG program is helping me to address these issues and realise that small changes over a longer time are much more sustainable and help me to change my habits long term rather than jumping in to change everything at once. 

What's your typical workout routine and how do you balance it with other commitments?

I don't think I have a typical workout routine. I like to see how I'm feeling each morning and then use the time or workout filters to decide what I should do. If I'm feeling particularly stressed or low in energy then I go for the yoga section. If I am feeling good then I go for the workout section and then look at how much time I have. I love that I can filter by time so if I only have 20 mins then I can see all the 20 min videos and pick one easily.

What are your favourite GGG classes and why?

Boxing. I love boxing. It is a great stress release for me and gets my heart rate up quickly.

How has GGG helped you?

It has helped me to continue to workout regularly at home at times that suit me. It has been especially helpful during our lockdown times too where we haven't been able to go anywhere. I at least knew that I would be getting my workouts done which I need for my own physical and mental health.

What's your top tip for GGG members starting out?

Don't feel like you have to keep up with the movements in the workouts as they are happening. Take things at your own pace and just try to keep moving for the whole session.

Some are harder than others so if you are starting out just do your best and be proud that you are giving it a go. Also, take a look at the articles section. There are so many useful and interesting articles to read that may also help you to make small sustainable changes.

Ready to take action?

With more than 100+ workouts and yoga sessions from 5-40 mins you can do any time and anywhere, weekly live classes, self-guided programmes, the opportunity to join our 8-Week Find Your Balance Challenges to amplify and fast-track your results AND a private VIP support community, the Online Squad has everything you need to nail your goals.