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Maintaining Healthy Habits During Life Changes

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Ever been in a great health and fitness routine, only for a big life event or change to come along and shake everything up? It's important to have in the back of your mind that this will always happen at some point for everyone because change is an inevitable thing and nothing in life is permanent.

Ourselves, others and the environment we live in are constantly ever-changing, and for us to feel at peace with this we need to be able to shift with those changes, learn how to deal with them and move forwards.

What does this mean for your health and fitness?

You can continue to do workouts - You may, however, need to take into consideration any factors that might have changed (such as timing or your energy levels), and be okay with the idea that this may be different to what you're used to.

Exercise doesn't have to be done in the gym, at a bootcamp or a class - it could be a gentle stretching session, an online video in your lounge, spending time walking outside in nature, going for a beach swim or even doing some restorative yoga in bed just before you fall asleep at night.

Think outside the square with nutrition - If you can't (or don't feel like you want to!) fully prep and cook your food each day, you'll likely need to change what you're doing to ensure you're still eating nutritious meals.

This may involve meal prepping which can be done in a number of different ways. You could cook more of your regular meals to have leftovers. You could make a huge batch of meals one day when you have some spare time. Or you could part-prep your food such as chopping all your veges for the next few days.

If you suddenly find yourself on the go a lot, it may involve having easy-to-grab healthy snacks on hand that don't require much time or thought. Or having some key healthier takeaway options to fall back on if you need to.

Take time out if you're feeling stressed or anxious - there are things you can change, and things you can't. If you are stressing out about events that haven't eventuated yet or are out of your control, acknowledge that there's validity to these thoughts (they aren't silly, they are a concern to you!), but also try to focus on the idea that they are out of your hands even if it's just at that particular moment in time.

Try meditation, do activities that make you feel happy, try to spend time with friends and family (even if it's just by video call) - the people who you can talk to. Find activities that anchor you and make you feel grounded, ones that give you a sense of normalcy around whatever the big thing is going on in your life.

You CAN change your mindset. You CAN change the actions you take. You CAN change the way you adapt to new situations as they arise. Finding the flexibility to do this can take practice, but it will help you be more resilient when life changes come along.

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